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OnlinePokies.club, herein after referred to as the “site”, is an entertainment and information site and should only be used for those purposes. No information on this site is meant to convey that we operate, host, or have any other interaction with online gambling. This site is only to provide information to interested parties and serve as entertainment for those who wish to join the community.

This site does not assume any responsibility for users that are under the age of 21 or who use this site but are from countries where online gambling is prohibited. This site has been designed as an information portal and does not limit who can access that information because no actual gambling takes place on the site.

OnlinePokies.club is not responsible for any actions visitors’ take once they leave the site. The site will not be held responsible for gambling losses on or offline. This site does not encourage anyone to gamble nor does it require users of this site to participate in gaming to use site. This site encourages anyone who feels that they may have a gambling addiction to seek professional counselling through Gambling Anonymous or similar routes.

Any gambling sites that are advertised on this site are through affiliate marketing programs and not through a business association with that casino. This site does not promote any specific gambling site or physical casino. It is our intention to only provide information and allow our visitors to make their own decisions.

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