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Online Pokies For Real Money

Are online pokies for real money safe?

online pokies for real moneyReal money online pokies are as safe as the casino that you choose to gamble in. There is a lot of technology available to online casinos and you will need to look at a casino to see what they have chosen to use. SSL encryption technology is very popular. This is used to protect the information that flows back and forth between you and the casino’s website. For example, when you provide your banking information so that you can fund your casino account, you want to make sure your information is safe when it transfers across the Internet.

SSL encryption will provide this security. Another area of security that’s important is your actual online account. There should be a double verification in place, which means something beyond a username and password. Many casinos are also getting stricter about what kind of password you use – many recommend 8 characters with the use of numbers and/or symbols so that there is less of a chance of someone hacking into your account.

Benefits of online pokies for real money

There are many benefits to real money online pokies. You will be able to play 24/7 from your computer or mobile device. This means being able to play all of your favourite games without having to drive to a casino. Microgaming is commonly used as the software and they provide the software for many land-based casinos as well. This allows you to play the same games as you know and love.

The pay-out percentages are regulated by the Australian government with 87 percent pay-out being the absolute minimum. Bonuses and promotions can be more extensive with real money online pokies. Many of the casinos provide you with a match play welcome bonus. This allows you to get free money with your first deposit. The more you deposit the more free play that you will get. There is also the Interactive Gambling Act, which was passed in 2001 with the purpose of protecting you when you gamble online.

Most popular real money pokies online

There are some incredible games that are provided by Microgaming. You may recognise them if you have been in a brick and mortar casino because the company offers gaming software to online, mobile and land-based casinos.

termintator-2-logoTerminator 2 is based on the hit film and features a total of 1024 winning combinations. There is also a bonus that helps to bring the movie to life with the Terminator and the T100. The graphics are incredible and provide a lot of entertainment.


avalon-2-logoAvalon 2 takes place in a fantasy world where the characters are on the search for the Holy Grail. There are realistic movements, a significant amount of graphics, as well as the ability to win off of five reels that spin around with incredible music.


thunder-struck-2-logoThunderstruck 2 is one of the most popular Australian pokies and for good reason. Thunderstruck 2 offers bonus rounds with free spins and game multipliers as well as a lot of graphics. There’s a story behind every spin, which makes it fun to play.


playoby-logoPlayboy is a favourite amongst men and features beautiful girls with each spin. Five reels spin around to show women in cars, on the beach and posing in swimsuits. There are graphics and the music is catchy.


girls-with-guns-logoGirls with Guns is another popular slot machine with bonus rounds and five reels, providing the opportunity for many winning combinations. The animated girls are wielding large guns and there are stacked wilds in addition to all else that is going on.